• Tech Help Support - Work Order Procedure

    Troubleshoot the problem.  

    1. Are all components connected? Unplug and Re-plug your computer in. 

    2. Restart the computer - this is truly the fix for the majority of problems.

    3. Submit a ticket. Put in one work order per incident. (Computers, Printers, Interactive White Boards, Document Cameras, Projectors, Projector Bulbs, Speakers, Network) techhelp@pgisd.net

    4. Please do not respond to an email with a new request. 

    5. My computer is dead, how do I submit a work order? Your email is accessible on any computer with an internet connection or have a neighbor submit the work order for you. 

    6. Our tech department is always happy to help out. If you have an issue, but are not sure of who to contact, email us and we can point you in the right direction. 

     It is very important that your restart your computer each day! 


    Can I install my own software? 

    All software must be installed by Tech Help. 


    Wifi is available on all campuses for all school owned devices. If you plan to use a portable cart, please email techhelp so we can ensure the best possible connection. 


    Does your website look different or are you missing items? 

    The district’s new website is based upon “Responsive Design” in order to better work with a variety of devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones).  If you feel something is “missing” please maximize your screen to give you the full viewing for your device.